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Welcome to P.O.D

Set up by Lauren Smith and Josh Al-Chamaa, P.O.D aims to bring you closer to the athletes, brands and issues in functional fitness than ever before.

From Crossfit to Weightlifting, Strongman to F45 we sit down with special guests and talk about the topics that matter to both the elite and social athlete.



Lauren Smith

Lauren is the host and tech wizard behind P.O.D. A social crossfitter with a panchant for weightlifting she spends her time either in the gym or working for BT Sport producing Rugby Tonight and reporting on European Rugby Union.

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Joshua Al-Chamaa

Josh Al-Chamaa is Co-Host on P.O.D. He's a Crossfit coach and athlete, recently taking home Gold in the FRF National Championships. Already a Regionals Team athlete, Josh now has his sights set on qualifying as an individual for the Crossfit Games.  

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