Podcast of the Day was born in the dining room of Lauren Smith who wanted to create a podcast to give underserved athletes an opportunity to share their stories, from the elite to amateur, coach to fan, business owner to brand. 

As time has passed, we have gone from strength to strength, taking on a small team of dedicated story tellers with the ambition of covering the CrossFit scene in the UK. 


Loves content & big barbell workouts. Tellie bod.


Bench day is the best day. Works in Partnerships.


Found with a camera or barbell in hand. Marketing man. 

Currently we are a small voluntary organisation of passionate CrossFitters who make content in our spare time. If this resonates with you perhaps you would consider supporting us on Patreon to help us bring UK CrossFit Content to our audiences.


She's brave, bold and badass. Military lass, loves writing.


An Aussie midwife moonlighting in CrossFit content, babe. 


Graphics wizz,

Rogue enthusiast.

As we have grown we have also increased our content offering. Starting as a podcast but now also offering full written and social overage of CrossFit events, launches and fundraisers. Have an idea for a story? Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your thoughts and ideas.



Resident South African. Handy with a gimble.


Youngest team member, killer editor


Dives in where possible. CrossFits for fun.

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