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A Postcard From Oslo

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

CrossFit Gamlebyen


After picturesque Bergen, I took the train across to Oslo.

Cue hopping back and forth between empty seats to get snappy snaps. 

It's a 6 hour journey of wonderful views (and some of the yummiest snacks I have binged on at the train station shop - I mean healthy ones and not so healthy ones too!)

I touched down at a lovely Air BnB and my hosts helped me find CrossFit Gamlebyen.

I had wanted to go to CrossFit Oslo, because Kirsten Holte... but the class didn't quite fit!

I dumped my bags and turned up to an outdoor session in the nearby park. The box do these sessions throughout the week and theyre super accessible.

The coach, Shiba was SO professional. Super easy going but did a really thorough, and well explained warm up. Sometimes, warm ups aren't given the attention they deserve but here we all knew what our bodies needed to do and what they were preparing to do!

I enjoyed the session a lot, it was a spicy AMRAP with lunges and dumbbell cleans. Legs were LIT.

I also loved the fact it was so easy to sign up, pay and turn up bam.

I met 2 Brits in the class as well, who helped me map my evening e-scoot around the city in search of snacks.

*It rained, again - and yep, I still persisted on my e-scooter.

I wanted to head to the box the next day too, but sadly didn't. Their facility is pretty huge, with a big array of classes and equipment, and I hope one day I will get to see it!

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