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CrossFit Team Relentless Strength and Conditioning (RSC)

@andrius_daskus  When I arrived in Lithuania in April, it was a few weeks before we could use the public gyms. Fortunately we had a 'gym in a box' at our workplace, although I'm not going to lie, I found doing WODs and OLY lifts on gravel (chunky gravel too) a bit of a pain (literally)... So when I was recommended to join Relentless by a fellow CrossFit girl who enjoys competing, I shunned the larger gym (that did have a sushi bar... I know, I know, error!) and rocked up at Relentless.

I hadn't lifted since March... O I lifted drift wood stumps and random other items I could get my hands on near my house, but I hadn't had a barbell in my life for a while. (you can check the 'gram for tree-stump lifting). The thing that I will recall vividly from my many memories of RSC was the greeting big-Andreu gave me as I wandered in on my first night 'wow, look at those biceps'. I was like, oh hi yes I am Helen.

I can talk you through my body image alarm bells when he said that some other day. And the second memory was agreeing to enter a competition being held in the capital city in a few weeks. I had previously missed out on my first stab at a solo competition for the 2019 European Championships (not so amazing bonus of the military is the need to be pulled away to work at short notice...). I had lost a lot of confidence since that cancellation due to several things - the main thing was I had subsequently spent most of last year training on my own. I did not have a cross fit community I felt I belonged to, so instead of marginal gains, I felt I got marginal losses.

The team (as in the members) all turn up to support (albeit the Baltic version of supporting and the standard UK/Wales version of supporting are starkly different - ie. barely any cheering or wooping...) the feeling of support and accomplishment as a group, as a community is huge. It's one in, all in. I felt so amazed that I slotted in and was able to be part of that without having to 'work my way into the group' without feeling judged or like I needed to wait to be accepted.  Just good times.

Oh, and btw, if you think the goodie bags at UK comps are good because you get a free Nocco, you need to compete in Lithuania. They know how to run a good competition folks.

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