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INSIDE THE FRONT LINE - Why listen to the CrossFit Nurse podcast?

As a nation we will all remember the crisis this summer in different ways - it is not for us to impose assumptions on how you experienced this battle, and so POD has tried to capture a story from a very unique and yet familiar point of view for our community - by talking with Olivia Tompkins @LivvyTomCrossfitNurse.

Olivia Tompkins is a nurse in intensive care. It was the front line even before the Covid crisis hit and it was recognised as such.

  And then the UK's COVID19 crisis hit, and the front line became more demanding, more confusing and most significantly, more dangerous. It was also shoved into the limelight by all forms of media...

This podcast and YouTube video has paired together the stoic British humour, CrossFit mindset and the desperate challenges of the UK Covid crisis in such a way that I defy you to not stop and take a moment to reflect.

It's kind of easy to click play and expect the standard upbeat podcast on CrossFit, starring someone with a gritty and inspiring story that may make us all think 'gee, I really could do more with my time' or 'I think I will buy an Assault Bike so I can train whatever the weather' (ok...not that many of you would necessarily go to that option...!).

There is more to this episode than meets the eye. 

Whilst listening, I thought of our armed forces and the ways which they have suffered and persevered during conflict times.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say war is the same, I am not trying to say anything is the same - but sometimes there are hints and themes that ring little bells. Even the words 'donning and doffing PPE'.

The slightly exacerbated tone in which Liv says 'we do this everyday, we are heroes all the time, not just when the media says so'.

This girl talks from the heart on how she navigated the rapid - almost certainly under-par training, to work a part of her job she wasn't meant to, she talks with tenacity and such selflessness of how finding that nano second in the day to write a patient diary is not a nause but a deeply-rooted  belief that it's a service she can bring to comfort, encourage and serve her patients to the best of her ability.

Lauren Smith creates this podcast with such ease, the topics you will hear about are not 'just something I heard on a podcast'.

This is a real-time account of someone, just like your friend from the box, who was still lifting her weights and tying her hair up in a messy bun, whilst facing some of this country's hardest fought battles over recent years.

Additionally, you'll come away from this podcast feeling energised, endeared and ready to scout out the different CrossFit training programmes out there, so you can ride Livvy Tom's energy all the way to a PB.

Livvy usually trains at WIT London, she also uses Josh Al-Chamma's machine Strength and JST Compete for her competitive edge. She wants to be good. Good, good. She shares her steps from class goer to finding ways to feel confident to smash out her own sessions during Open Gym.

When she isn't able to enjoy the neon lights of WIT, she works out in her backyard - if it aint rainin it aint training!

Take a seat and really listen to it. 

For further support on the topics covered in our podcast - we have some links below that may be helpful to you.

Military: SSAFA: https://www.ssafa.org.uk/

NHS -  Spt for staff: https://www.nhsemployers.org/covid19/health-safety-and-wellbeing/supporting-staff-at-home-and-work/support-available-for-nhs-staff

MIND - the Mental Health Charity: https://www.mind.org.uk/

Headspace - guided meditation app: https://www.headspace.com/

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